Supercharge you Stromer ST1, ST2 and ST3

Supercharge you Stromer ST1, ST2 and ST3

Electrify your ride this Black Friday with Bikelife Bikestore's exclusive deal on Stromer Speedpedelecs! Get free battery upgrades on the ST1, ST2, or ST3 models until the end of November 2023. Enhance your cycling range and experience with our limited-time offer. Terms apply.
Teammachine R: Redefine Racing

Teammachine R: Redefine Racing

Explore the groundbreaking BMC Teammachine R, a revolutionary race bike birthed from the partnership between BMC and Red Bull Advanced Technologies. Dive into its innovative features, from Halo Fork aerodynamics to enhanced Rider Feel, and discover why it's setting new standards in the world of cycling. Redefining racing, one pedal at a time.
A man riding his bike indoor in front of a Tons Laptop table.

Indoor Training Start Now : Your Perfect Paincave Awaits!

In this post we're talking about the ideal indoor training setup to have an effective and exhilarating indoor cycling experience.
Man riding the ST3 Alinghi Red Bull Racing edition

Stromer ST3 Alinghi Red Bull Racing Edition

As the official e-bike sponsor of the Alinghi Red Bull Racing Team, Stromer is proud to introduce an extraordinary model commemorating the team's thrilling journey to the America's Cup 2024. This exclusive edition includes a coveted Alinghi Red Bull Racing bag and the cutting-edge Stromer Alinghi Red Bull Smart Helmet, exclusively available as part of this e-bike bundle.
BMC Speedmachine

Meet the Speedmachine : The Evolution of Speed Has Arrived

Prepare yourself to witness a revolution in the cycling world as the BMC Speedmachine hits the shelves this November exclusively at BikeLife Bikestore. With its aerodynamically perfected frame developed through a collaboration with Red Bull Advanced Technologies, this machine promises an unmatched cycling experience. Pre-order the world’s fastest time trial and triathlon bike now, exclusively at BikeLife Bikestore.
Shimano Launches 12-speed GRX Mechanical.
12 Speed

Shimano Launches 12-speed GRX Mechanical.

In 2019, Shimano made waves as the first major component manufacturer to roll out gravel-specific parts. Fast forward four years, and they felt the GRX deserved an upgrade. Pulling out all the stops, they showcased the new GRX components to the world's media. Our representative had the unique opportunity to experience this in the United States, precisely in Oregon, where the GRX 12-speed was unveiled.
Shimano Launches 12-speed 105 Mechanical.

Shimano Launches 12-speed 105 Mechanical.

Shimano has introduced three 12-speed racing groups in the Dura-Ace, Ultegra, and 105 ranges, all featuring electronic shifting. While the Di2 electronic system is undeniably impressive and always a delight to test, it hasn't exactly made bicycles more budget-friendly. However, there's good news for those seeking affordability. Alongside the 105 Di2, Shimano has now launched a mechanical version, offering 12-speed capability at a more accessible price point.
Bikelights ensure safety

The Illuminating Importance of Bike Lights

Explore the vital role of bike lights in cyclist safety, especially as seasons change and nights lengthen. Discover why Bikelife trusts Lezyne lights for top-notch visibility, ensuring every ride is safe and enjoyable.
Stromer's ST7 Alinghi Red Bull Racing Team Limited Edition

Stromer's ST7 Alinghi Red Bull Racing Team Limited Edition

Unleash the Power: Introducing the Stromer ST7 Alinghi Red Bull Racing Team Limited Edition, available at Bikelife Bikestore in Lot. Only 350 units exist worldwide - embrace the thrill of Formula 1 racing on two wheels! Act fast and secure your spot among the elite few. Visit Bikelife Bikestore today and experience the cycling revolution firsthand!