Man riding the ST3 Alinghi Red Bull Racing edition

Stromer ST3 Alinghi Red Bull Racing Edition

As the official e-bike sponsor of the Alinghi Red Bull Racing Team, Stromer is proud to introduce an extraordinary model commemorating the team's thrilling journey to the America's Cup 2024. This exclusive edition includes a coveted Alinghi Red Bull Racing bag and the cutting-edge Stromer Alinghi Red Bull Smart Helmet, exclusively available as part of this e-bike bundle.

Stromer ST3 Alinghi Red Bull Racing Edition: A Limited Release For The Elite Biker

The streets are no longer the same. They're about to be painted with the distinctive flair and exhilaration reminiscent of the Alinghi Red Racing Team's legendary maneuvers through Barcelona's boulevards. Introducing the Stromer ST3 Alinghi Red Bull Grey: an embodiment of speed, elegance, and exclusivity.

Man riding the Stromer ST3 Alinghi Red Bull Racing Edition
Man riding the Stromer ST3 Alinghi Red Bull Racing Edition

Embarking on the Thrill of Racing.

Designed with an intention to capture the soul of the iconic Alinghi Red Racing Team, the Stromer ST3 Alinghi captures the essence of effortless cruising with finesse. And when we talk about effortless, we truly mean it. Powered by its highest capacity battery, the ST3 Alinghi promises to take you as far as 180 km (110 miles) on a single charge, ensuring your rides are both exhilarating and enduring.

Distinctive Features of the Stromer ST3 Alinghi Red Bull Grey

Limited Availability: With only 1000 units set for production, this edition offers a premium touch of exclusivity. Starting September 2023, bike enthusiasts can experience the thrill of owning a limited edition piece of art on two wheels.

Signature ARBR Roll Up Bag: Every Stromer ST3 Alinghi comes equipped with a waterproof bag, presenting a brilliant blend of the signature Alinghi Red Bull Racing blue combined with rich ARBR red accents. The convenience of the roll-top closure adds practicality to its beauty, while the iconic Alinghi Red Bull Racing logo punctuates its distinctive design.

Signature ARBR Roll Up Bag

Inclusive Smart Helmet: Safety and style go hand in hand with the ARBR branded Smart Helmet. As you brake, the helmet syncs with your Stromer, illuminating a brake light effect. Beyond its advanced lighting technology, the helmet promises durability with its scratch, dust, and water-resistant build.

Stromer Smart Helmet

A Performance-Oriented Frame: Coupled with a 983Wh battery, the sporty frame of the ST3 Alinghi is designed for those who wish to push their limits, ensuring you can go the distance and then some.

983Wh battery

Top-Notch Gearbox: Elevate your riding experience with the Pinion's 9-speed gearbox that comes standard with the ST3 Alinghi Red Bull Racing edition. Its robust construction promises durability and facilitates swift and precise gear changes, whether stationary or in motion. The low-maintenance carbon belt from Gates ensures your rides are harmonious and silent, giving you a luxurious cycling experience.

Frame with logo of the Stromer ST3 Alinghi Red Bull Racing Edition


The Stromer ST3 Alinghi Red Bull Racing Edition is more than just a bike; it's a statement. It's for those who dare to dream, for those who aspire to reflect the legendary team's cruising finesse, and for those who won't settle for anything but the best.

Experience the blend of unparalleled performance, exquisite design, and unmatched exclusivity with the Stromer ST3 Alinghi. It's not just about where you're going, but how you get there. Be a part of the elite club, be a part of history, and cruise the streets with unmatched elegance and power.