Teammachine R: Redefine Racing

Teammachine R: Redefine Racing

Explore the groundbreaking BMC Teammachine R, a revolutionary race bike birthed from the partnership between BMC and Red Bull Advanced Technologies. Dive into its innovative features, from Halo Fork aerodynamics to enhanced Rider Feel, and discover why it's setting new standards in the world of cycling. Redefining racing, one pedal at a time.

BMC Teammachine R: Redefining the Future of Racing

Grenchen, Switzerland has just seen the unveiling of what many are calling the future of racing bicycles. With the BMC Teammachine R, we are not looking at just another bike; this is a revolution in the racing world. 

A Stellar Partnership

The already robust partnership between BMC and Red Bull Advanced Technologies (RBAT) is further solidified with the birth of the Teammachine R. Following the roaring success of the recently launched Speedmachine, the duo teamed up once again to push the boundaries of what's possible in racing bike technology. 

Aim for Speed

BMC's core mission, Create Speed, has been evident as Teammachine models have consistently led races from the Tour de France and the Olympics to the World Championships. BMC always looks forward, focusing on constant innovation and boundary disruption. Their newest ambition? To craft the ultimate race bike

The R Stands for Racing

Driven by passion and innovation, BMC leveraged its best-performing bike, the Teammachine SLR, and through a collaboration with RBAT, has now created a race bike that strikes an impeccable balance between weight, aerodynamics, and power transfer. Forged and tested on diverse terrains - from the Swiss Alps to the Carrefour de l'Arbre cobbles - the BMC Teammachine R is poised to be the bike that rules them all. 

Aerodynamics and Power

This isn't just a bike; it's a masterpiece of engineering. Hours of dedicated research went into selecting the ideal carbon infrastructure, resulting in a bike frame and fork that weigh in at a mere 910 grams and 345 grams respectively. This makes the Teammachine R an exceptionally lightweight yet resilient race weapon.

The Winning Combination

BMC's collaboration with the RBAT hasn't just been a superficial one. This strategic partnership has enabled an exchange of cutting-edge engineering expertise and innovative thinking. With insights from F1 research now being applied to the world of cycling, the BMC Teammachine R incorporates features previously unseen in race bikes. These include:

  • Halo Fork: A pioneering design that efficiently manages turbulent air, reducing drag.
  • Stiffness Where It Matters: With updated UCI rules, the new bottom bracket design provides superior power transfer.
  • Reduced Frontal Areas & Deeper Horizontal Shapes: To optimize airflow and maintain the perfect balance of stiffness.
  • Integrated Bottle Cages: These aren't just for show – they actually enhance the bike's speed.
  • Stealth Dropout Design: A seamless integration within the bike frame that aids in keeping the airflow consistent.

Pricing & Availability

For those eager to get their hands on this technological marvel, here are the available models and their pricing:

  • Teammachine R 01 LTD (SRAM RED eTap AXS) — EUR 14,999
  • Teammachine R 01 TWO (SHIMANO Dura Ace Di2) — EUR 13,999
  • Teammachine R 01 THREE (SRAM Force eTap AXS) — EUR 9,499
  • Teammachine R 01 FOUR (SHIMANO Ultegra Di2) — EUR 8,999
  • Teammachine R 01 MOD — EUR 5,999

    Available March 2024