Supercharge you Stromer ST1, ST2 and ST3

Supercharge you Stromer ST1, ST2 and ST3

Electrify your ride this Black Friday with Bikelife Bikestore's exclusive deal on Stromer Speedpedelecs! Get free battery upgrades on the ST1, ST2, or ST3 models until the end of November 2023. Enhance your cycling range and experience with our limited-time offer. Terms apply.
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As the chill of November embraces us, Bikelife Bikestore is heating things up with an incredible Black Friday deal that's too good to miss! Are you ready to revolutionize your biking experience with Stromer’s cutting-edge Speedpedelecs? Let's dive into what this amazing deal has in store for you!

Free Battery Upgrades for Enhanced Performance

This Black Friday, we're not just selling bikes; we're upgrading your journey! Here's what's on offer:
  • Stromer ST1 & ST2: The journey begins with the reliable BQ655wh battery, offering up to 120km of range. But why settle there? Buy during our Black Friday deal, and we'll upgrade you to the BQ814 battery – pushing your range up to an exhilarating 150km, at no extra cost!

  • For the Ambitious Riders: If you're eyeing the ST2 or ST3 and choose the BQ814 battery, we'll take you a step further. You'll be upgraded to the BQ983 battery, the pinnacle of battery technology, ensuring longer, uninterrupted rides.

  • The Exclusive ST3 Offer: The ST3, already equipped with a BQ814, gets even better! Purchase it during this deal, and we'll gift you an upgrade to the BQ983 battery, maximizing your exploration capabilities.

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Limited Time, Unlimited Adventures

This offer is exclusively available until the end of November 2023. It's a once-in-a-year opportunity to elevate your biking experience with the finest that Stromer has to offer, courtesy of Bikelife Bikestore.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Offer valid while supplies last.
  • Cannot be combined with other offers or promotions.
  • Subject to availability.
  • Bikelife Bikestore reserves the right to modify or cancel the offer at any time.