Stromer Unveils Upgraded ST5

Stromer Unveils Upgraded ST5

Stromer, the renowned electric bike manufacturer, made waves at Eurobike with the introduction of their enhanced ST5 model. Building upon the success of the limited-edition ST3, the new ST5 boasts a captivating Imperial Red color option that was an instant hit among cycling enthusiasts. Beyond its stunning aesthetics, the ST5 brings significant improvements to the table.

During the Eurobike event, Stromer introduced the revamped Stromer ST5.

The eye-catching feature of the new ST5 model is its Imperial Red color, previously seen on the highly sought-after Stromer ST3 Limited Edition, which quickly sold out.

In addition to the striking color, several noteworthy updates have been made:

The ST5 now comes with a belt drive and incorporates the PINION C1.9 Smart.Shift system, offering a 9-speed variant similar to the one found in the Stromer ST7.

Responding to a longstanding demand from users, Stromer has finally addressed the need for a longer front fender on the ST5. This improvement is expected to enhance the bike's functionality. It remains to be seen whether the extended fender can be retrofitted to previous Stromer models, and further information will likely be available at Eurobike.

The downtube cover has been redesigned to accommodate the new 'Stromer Sound' acoustic system. This innovation means that the updated ST5 will emit specific sounds during various bike operations such as charger connection, bike locking, and power-off. Detailed information about this feature is still being gathered and will be shared at Eurobike.

    The release of the new ST5 model is planned for the end of 2023. The ST% Pinion 2023 Start from 10.990 euro, they are expected to be announced during the Eurobike event.

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