Early Rider

Seeker 16 - Brushed Aluminium

Sale price€459,00

Discover the epitome of lightweight efficiency with our ultra-light belt drive, seamlessly propelled by top-tier wheels and off-road tires designed to tackle any terrain a spirited young adventurer may encounter.

Crafted to withstand all conditions, our all-aluminum belt drive train ensures a hassle-free experience—no grease, no grime, and easy cleanup with a simple hose-down after a muddy escapade. Bid farewell to concerns about rusty chain rings; our design prioritizes durability without compromising on performance.

Experience the freedom of free-rolling, cleanliness, and quiet operation, coupled with the durability of rust-free components. Our bike is not just low maintenance but also excels on all terrains. Why settle for anything less when you can embrace the perfect blend of functionality and reliability?