Melee Frameset Kit - Damascus Grey
Melee Frameset Kit - Damascus Grey
Melee Frameset Kit - Damascus Grey
Melee Frameset Kit - Damascus Grey


Melee Frameset Kit - Damascus Grey

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The Enve Melee Frameset Kit in Damascus Grey is a state-of-the-art choice for serious cyclists who prioritize precision, speed, and style. This kit is intricately designed and engineered to meet the highest standards of road cycling performance, making it a top pick for both competitive racers and discerning enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • High-Performance Carbon Fiber Construction: Utilizing Enve's advanced carbon fiber technology, this frameset offers an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, delivering both resilience and feather-light performance.
  • Aerodynamic Design: The Melee frameset features an aerodynamically optimized design, reducing drag for increased speed and efficiency, particularly in road racing scenarios.
  • Sophisticated Damascus Grey Finish: The frameset's Damascus Grey color is deep, sleek, and visually striking, embodying a blend of elegance and modernity, perfect for riders who value aesthetics as much as performance.
  • Precision Handling: Engineered for responsive and sharp handling, this frameset allows for confident control during high-speed descents and tight cornering.
  • Seamless Cable Integration: With fully integrated cable routing, the Melee frameset boasts a clean, uncluttered appearance while also improving aerodynamics.
  • Component Compatibility: The kit is designed to be compatible with a variety of high-end components, giving riders the freedom to customize their setup for optimal performance.
  • Enhanced Riding Comfort: Despite its focus on speed and agility, the frameset does not compromise on comfort, offering a compliant ride that reduces fatigue on longer journeys.
  • Multiple Size Options: Available in various sizes, the Enve Melee Frameset Kit ensures a perfect fit for cyclists of different heights and builds.
  • User-Friendly Assembly: The kit's design facilitates easy assembly, allowing for quick and efficient bike building, either at home or in a professional setting.

The Enve Melee Frameset Kit in Damascus Grey is more than just a high-performance road cycling solution; it's a testament to advanced engineering and a passion for cycling, making every ride an exhilarating and memorable experience.

  • Real-World Fast™ aero optimization
  • Tube shapes complement SES rim shapes
  • Max Tire Clearance: 35 mm
  • Frame Weight: 850 grams (56cm, Painted, No Hardware)