Starter Kit for SRAM Force FlatTop 12S
Starter Kit for SRAM Force FlatTop 12S


Starter Kit for SRAM Force FlatTop 12S

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Starter Kit for SRAM Force FlatTop 12S

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Improve efficiency and save time with the Cyclowax Starter Kit for SRAM Force FlatTop 12S. This expertly designed set allows for a seamless transition to hot wax for your bike chain, resulting in a smoother ride and up to 8% reduction in energy consumption compared to traditional lubricants. Additionally, your post-ride cleaning time can be cut by up to 30 minutes.

Always a clean chain

Are you looking for a faster way to clean your bike and chain after a long ride? Hot Wax makes it effortless. Simply toss your chain in the wax heater, relax while the magic happens, and enjoy a quick warm-up time of just 10 minutes. Say goodbye to scrubbing and degreasing and hello to more time enjoying your ride.

Reduce friction 

Maintain the efficiency of your watts by protecting them from their greatest enemy - dirt. Avoid losing power to a dirty, lubricated chain by utilizing hot wax, which repels dirt and keeps your chain running smoothly. The slick layer created between the rollers minimizes friction and offers the most rapid chain lubrication available in the cycling sector.  

For Road, Gravel, TT and Mountain bikes

Cyclowax is ideal for use on a variety of bikes, including those used for road, gravel, time trials, and mountain biking. This product is perfect for maintaining the pristine condition and maximum performance of any bike, regardless of your riding conditions. The specialized wax formula provides excellent protection against dirt buildup, particularly in harsh environments.


What's in the box?

  • Pre-waxed chain with quick link

  • Performance Pro Wax Tablet

  • Cyclowax heater

  • Hang-up tool

  • Swizzle wire

  • Protective mat

  • Drivetrain degreaser

  • Alcoholic cleaner

  • Re-usable microfiber towel

  • Re-usable non-woven towel

  • Brush

  • Drivetrain cleaning strings (4x)

  • Protective gloves

  • Wooden pick & warnings tags

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