BMC Teammachine R 01 MOD
BMC Teammachine R 01 MOD


BMC Teammachine R 01 MOD

Sale price€5.999,00
The all-new BMC Teammachine R was designed for a special breed of cyclist. Light enough to ascend the most demanding climbs and stiff enough to endure the most watt-crushing sprints, the Teammachine R is the ultimate race bike. The Teammachine R 01 MOD comes with BMC’s ICS Carbon Aero Cockpit and the integrated Aerocore bottle cages.

Halo Fork
The ultrawide fork legs are unlike anything else seen in the peloton and help keep turbulent air, created by the front wheel, away from the frame.

ICS Carbon Aero Cockpit

The ICS Carbon Aero Cockpit, with its progressive and aerodynamic shape, is the perfect match for this bike. Featuring a narrow top width, allowing an efficient aero position with a greater width at the drops providing incredible control at high speed.

Deep Bottom Bracket Area

We call it the “Mariana Bottom Bracket” because it’s the deepest bottom bracket we have ever made on a road bike and this perfectly optimizes the surface area for cleaner airflow.

All New Seatpost Design

The new seatpost is slimmer, deeper, more compliant, and lighter than ever. With the new seatpost clamp mechanism now easier to access and maintain, including an integrated number plate holder making it the smartest way to get race-ready.